Zumba.. Me?!

Yep. Let me get this out there. I CANNOT dance. So, I DO NOT dance. Rarely. If I do, it’s being silly with my littles (who are currently 1 yr old, 3 yrs old and 4 yrs old. My 14 yr old doesn’t even see me dance anymore, he’s too old, lol.

If you looked like this when you dance, well I guess you wouldn’t either.

Well, my dearly beloved husband got us a Y membership a few days ago. We’ve gone 2x now as a family, because it’s rare I go many places on my own with the littles in tow. It’s just so much work, especially during the Winter. All of the bundling up just gets to me.

My dear friend, who I met at a MOPs event, recently moved near where we live, also has a Y membership. So, we decided to bundle up the kiddos (she has a pink bun in the oven and a 1 yr old daughter) and meet at the Y. While there, walking side by side on treadmills, I met a new friend.

I complimented her hair because as a recent Natural (love her perspective on this “movement”), it’s nice to see someone of curliness else living as our Creator made us. Anyway, she gestured she was not hearing. So, I mustered up some courage, and finger spelling skills I’d learned back in 7th/8th grade with a friend’s encouragement and signed, “I can finger spell”. And we “talked” for the rest of my treadmill walk! My dear friend I met up with was graciously patient as I got to know my new friend a little better. THAT was the 1st real workout of the day. I was sweating by the end of my 30 minute treadmill session, but mainly from fingerspelling. Actually, from reading her hands because my brain processed that a lot slower than me finger spelling to her for some reason. It was awesome! I told her my friend was going to do the Zumba class and I was going to tag along and “try” it. She told me she did but walked out because she can’t hear it and it was too fast. Well, she went in there and tried again! Her Aunt was there, an older lady, doing the Zumba too.

I Zumba’d. For an ENTIRE hour! But I had a great time! And just MIGHT go back for some more of this, lol!



So… blogging, eh?

During the day, I have all these quirky, story-type thoughts in my head I’d like to write on my blog. But when I actually get the time to sit down at the laptop (because it’s ridiculous to blog on my phone) my mind draws a _____________. Maybe some day, but not today. 

It’s 12:08am.

The baby (#4) just went to sleep about 20 minutes or so ago. Before that I’d just gotten around to my shower after, sitting next to baby (#3) girl’s bedside for about 20 minutes or so.

And now my mind is still drawing a _____________.

So, goodnight.