I am..

I am.. Mrs. Mama. But I wasn’t always…. My journey into motherhood started at age 17, unconventionally. I remained a Single Mama (just as important as a married Mama) for 7 years till I met my husband (over the phone through a mutual, good friend) and he proposed to me after getting to know each other long distance for a little over a year. And the name? Mrs. Mama just came from that cute show my oldest used to watch and now the littles watch, Land Before Time :). And I like it! Not everybody’s Mama (“NOT THE MAMA!” just to mine.

Grateful to my Heavenly Father for his dear son, our Lord Jesus Christ. For 2nd chances because of his grace, love & tender mercies. And the list goes on.

I am currently a wife to my Beloved (I am his) & mother to one teenager and three little ones (14 months each between the 3 younger)…. Thus my need for a creative outlet. Don’t get me wrong now! I enjoy being home and am most grateful that I am, especially having been a single, working mother (to my oldest child) before I was a married mother.

Hmm, let’s see, creative outlets.. I think most EVERYone would benefit from a creative outlet of sorts. From young to old, old to young I believe deep within is the urge to ponder, explore, create & then share what comes up from that urge.

Why call it “Therapy“? Not that we are all crazy. Mainly because we all have something(s) to cope with and we all have life to get along with – not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones and those we come into contact with on a daily. Also, because I believe we all have creative abilities as long as we have likes and dislikes – and that our Creator has given each of us something beautiful to (hopefully) leave behind.

I like what Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

So, why is this therapy? You know how psychiatrists seem to mainly help people by getting them to talk out their own problems? Or suggesting they indulge in a new hobby?

Well, this is my little happy place for sharing those things, lol.

Thanks for listening :).

~Mrs. Mama


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