When the Husband’s Away..

The wife will sleep. Ha! No, the littles miss Daddy, the 14 yr old misses him but mainly because he feels inclined to step up and help me out. Which is wonderful! I told him to keep his room door open to listen for the 1 yr old who was zoned out on his at-the-moment favorite show Cars: Mater’s Tales while I took my shower.  I’d just put the 3 & 4 yr olds to bed (not asleep yet) and knew it was now or never tomorrow (when my husband was expected back). So the 14 yr old happily volunteered (on his own y’all) to “watch” baby boy while I showered, he “watched” and played a little longer on his cell phone football game (wink).

Well, I waited for my Beloved to call and watched Mansfield Park, though I thought I’d seen it before. I had, but realized it a little past the beginning, so kept on watching. Love BBC films, they are always so tragically romantic. A lot like real life, I guess.

He called, we talked for a minute. Then he had to go settle down for bed and said he’d call me back. So back to my date with Mansfield Park I went. Then he called again, the only welcome interruption during my BBC shows. Then back to finish my show. A little, sleepy eyed cutie pie popped up rubbing his eyes, from his little bed in our room.  He joined me and fell back asleep next to me. It was around 1:30a I decided to call it a night.

So, I could have went to sleep a little early. But where’s the fun in that?

Happy he’s coming back soon.

Good day!


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