Card for my Dad

Well, for my Father in law, who is 80 years young (his words)!

Before I even talked to my husband I saw my Father in law at church first. He was my Mother in law’s primary caregiver, she was bed ridden for many years by then. She’s since passed on, and is dearly missed. My father in law was, is, a kind and gentle man who always managed to smile even when he probably didn’t feel like it.
A mutual friend of my husband’s and mine introduced us to each other over the phone. But before that she told me she wanted me to meet someone. So, I said a prayer (some of y’all know you dreaded/dread being matched up with who someone thought you’d be good with) and the thought crossed my mind.. “If he’s anything liked his Dad he’s alright with me. God be thanked, he is and more, and just for me 😍.

Anyway.. The card.

Someone kindly pointed out my goof, that I put short sleeves and that one long sleeve on the side! Wow.

I saw a card and thought I might give it a go. It was sew much fun and I totally see why there aren’t many sewn shirt cards, lol. I Pinterest searched many cards before deciding to try this awesome card by Mendi Yoshikawa. Thanks for the inspiration Mendi!


Supplies Used:

My trusty basic Kenmore sewing machine & white thread, my awesome:, my handy, dandy ATG tool:, this cute paper here:, this white paper here: (next time I’ll get the heavy weight)×11/M10023428.html?dwvar_M10023428_color=White#q=recollections+white+cardstock&start=7, & these cute little brads here:


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